Transforming Springvale: An Inside Look at the new Kelly Court Development

The Kelly Court development in Springvale is more than just a collection of warehouses. It’s a testament to purposeful design, safety-first construction, and the power of aesthetic choice. These individual buildings showcase how modern designs combined with exterior metal cladding can elevate the humble warehouse into a vibrant and personalized space for any business.

One of the key elements of the development was the deliberate choice to give each individual building its own personality. The architects chose a range of finishes from AODELI’s standard ranges as well as choosing a number of custom colours for use across the many exterior facades such as:

  • Oak
  • Flat White
  • Deep Red
  • Smoked Oak
  • Traffic White
  • Ash Tree
  • Deep Blue
  • Techno Green
  • Platinum Grey

This ensured that each warehouse within the complex can exhibit its own unique aesthetic, reflective of its purpose, and resonant with its occupants.

In addition to the careful aesthetic considerations, the development also underscores its commitment to safety and sustainability. The architects chose our NCP – Non-Combustible Panel for the exterior facades. These non-combustible panels provide superior fire resistance, ensuring the safety of the occupants, and the durability of the buildings.