Iconic Monterey Apartments unveiled to the public with sophisticated Black and Gold Aodeli SAP panels

The Monterey Apartments at Kangaroo Point in Queensland has been a much-anticipated development as it is the is the tallest residential tower in Australia to be built using Cross Laminated Timber (CLT). making it an environmentally friendly and fully sustainable building. The building has been shrouded in scaffolding during the construction to keep details under wraps. That is until now as the scaffolding has come down and the apartment building featuring stunning black and gold Aodeli SAP exterior cladding panels can be seen in all its glory.

In additional to the 3mm SAP (Solid Aluminium panels), the iconic development also includes perforated panels that add a design feature around the entirety of the apartment building. These panels were also supplied from Aodeli’s APP (aluminium perforated panel) range. The perforated panels show how a simple design choice can have a huge impact on the aesthetic appeal of the façade.

Wayne Saunders, General Manager at Aodeli shared his thoughts on the completed project: “We were delighted to be chosen to supply the cladding for this landmark project in our hometown of Queensland and to work alongside our partner and fellow Queenslanders, Cladding Creations. The beauty of the design speaks for itself”.

SAP is one of Aodeli’s most popular cladding products. The 3mm solid aluminium panels are made from marine grade 5052 alloy. 5052 has a higher tensile strength than other alloys and is considered to be a superior grade product. It is also highly corrosion resistant making it ideal for the Queensland climate. In contrast, Aodeli’s APP product has only been on the market since mid-2020 but has been making its mark on the industry due to its high quality and versatile uses. The only limitations are a designer’s imagination.

In addition to the Monterey Apartments, Aodeli Australia have also supplied panels to another iconic and local development in Queensland, the HOTA project in Surfers Paradise. This absolutely stunning project that is also nearing completion, features an impressive 11 custom-matched finishes to make a distinctive 3D Voronoi shape as designed by ARM Architecture.

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