Why is Melbourne trending towards green finishes?

Out of all the States in Australia, Melbourne has one of the most ambitious targets for reducing carbon emissions not only nationally but also of any city in the world. They have many innovative programs underway to meet their goal of zero net emissions, but it seems that their ambitions to be a fully green city are starting with the colour of their buildings!

We have been following the finish choices that Melbourne architects are making on their upcoming projects and more often than not that colour is a green finish. In 2020 alone, stock of our Lime Green and Eco Green finishes being supplied to Melbourne has more than quadrupled.

With their goal of being a Green City it is not all that surprising as green is the colour that symbolizes nature and the natural world. However, in addition to these attributes, green has also been thought to represent good luck, health and tranquillity as well as having a calming effect.  That is a lot of benefits packed into one colour!

Just some of the projects we have supplied with green this year include Graystone Court which has over 1,500m2 of “Eco Green”, “Lime Green” and a custom finish we developed specifically for the project, “Techno Green”. The combination of these finishes makes this office and warehousing complex a standout and an example of just how attractive green can be. Also underway are Katz Way in Somerton in “Eco Green” and the Paraweena Drive, Wells Road and 3 Brooke Court projects are all using “Lime Green”.

From our team’s experience in the façade cladding industry, we have not previously seen a State literally ‘going green’ with their finish choices. Our prediction for 2021 is that this trend will continue and why would it not when the results look this good!

Samples of our green finishes can be easily requested online or contact us for more information.