Five Reasons Why Tier 1 Builders choose Aodeli as their façade cladding supplier?

Since the construction industry was thrown into turmoil in 2017 in particular with regards to the use of non-compliant cladding products, Aodeli has seen a sharp rise in the demand for their products and services over some companies previously seen as market leaders and have forged an impressive and trustworthy reputation as the “fire safe” cladding provider.

With so many buildings across Australia having been identified as requiring façade rectification and recladding as well as builders wishing to ensure that their new constructions are safe, Aodeli has seen a meteoric rise to preferred status amongst Australia’s Tier 1 builders. Here we share below just some of the things that make Aodeli stand-out from the competition:

  1. Quality Control – in the world of manufacturing things do not always run smoothly but at Aodeli we have an advanced QC program that ensures any problems are resolved and rectified with minimal delays caused.
  2. Operational Transparency – we have an open door policy with regards to our factory and have provided tours to builders and installers on request so that they can see the quality of our facility, QC Process’s and testing first hand.
  3. Premium Quality – as mentioned in our earlier blog, we choose quality materials for our products. For our solid aluminium panels (SAP) we choose to use 5052 marine grade aluminium for its superior quality over 3003.
  4. Compliant products – we offer two fully tested and compliant products that meet AS1530.1 and AS1530.3, SAP and NCP (non-combustible panel), therefore enabling builders to choose the one that best suits their needs.
  5. Installer network – we have established strong relationships with quality installers Australia wide providing builders with experienced professionals that they can rely on to install our premium products.

These services are just some of the many benefits that has enabled us to form strong and long-lasting relationships with builders. At Aodeli we view all of our relationships as partnerships that our team work hard to grow and nurture. So, that’s just some of the ways a small player can become a big player in an already established market. Want to find out more? Contact our team to discuss further.