Cairns Hospital safely reclad in Aodeli SAP panels

Aodeli are one of the leading manufacturers of aluminium cladding in Australia. They work with architects, engineers, certifiers, builders and installers to supply compliant products on building projects requiring facade rectification works or recladding. One of the projects that they have recently supplied is Cairns Hospital owned by Queensland Health that required the replacement of 2,500 square metres of exterior panels.

Aodeli worked with Cladding Creations to replace the existing panels with SAP (solid aluminium panel). The panels were supplied in Khaki Grey to match the original finish on the hospital façade. When recladding, project owners generally have options to choose from with regards to replacement panels: replace them in the same colour as the original panels; swap the replacements panels with a different finish for an updated look; or have the panels weathered to match the existing panels which is a common choice if only a small amount of panels are required to be  replaced.

With this recladding project being in the North Queensland town of Cairns, it was important for Arcadis (the Cairns Hospital Façade Engineers) to choose a product that would meet the demands of a cyclonic region. Aodeli’s SAP 3mm solid 5052 marine grade aluminium was the product of choice with its high corrosion resistance, superior strength, plus a 3-layer (min 33 micron) PVDF coating system. For other projects Aodeli has gone as far as providing factory tours so that customers and the project teams can see first-hand the exceptional manufacturing facility, extensive quality control and coating production plant that make Aodeli’s products a popular choice for companies requiring façade rectification works.

“There is generally something unique about each recladding projects’ and our team are always up to the challenge of working with our customers to find the right solution for their particular requirements. With the Cairns Hospital the need for cyclone ratings was a request that we do not come across often but we have the data available and are always happy to provide additional information such as this on request,” commented Wayne Saunders, General Manager at Aodeli. “Our customers know that each of our products are put through strict due diligence and stringent quality control procedures before they leave our factory giving them piece of my when working with us on these projects”.

Aodeli currently has two fully compliant, non-combustible cladding products available to choose from: the SAP product used on Cairns Hospital as well as NCP (non-combustible panel). Both products are fully compliant and tested to Australian Standards 1530.1 and 1530.3 and are both suitable for recladding projects.

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