Black and Gold Aodeli SAP panels add an elegant touch to the iconic Monterey Apartments

The beauty of the Monterey Apartments in Aodeli’s SAP, at Kangaroo Point in Queensland is starting to be revealed and the results are absolutely stunning! Shrouded in scaffolding and hoarding throughout most of the construction phase, the covers have now come down to reveal the true beauty of the design and construct by Gardner Vaughan Group using the elegant combination of black and gold on the exterior. The iconic project is also the tallest residential tower in Australia to be built using Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) which makes it an environmentally sustainable building.

As well as featuring 2500m2 of Aodeli Australia’s SAP 3mm (Solid Aluminium panels) in Gold and Enigma Black on the exterior facade, the Monterey Apartments also include 770m2 of APP (Aluminium Perforated Panel. These perforated gold panels are woven around the building to create a specific design feature worthy of the buildings’ iconic status.

“Being part of a landmark project is always special but even more so when it is in your hometown as the Monterey Apartments construction is. We partnered with fellow Queenslanders, Cladding Creations, on the installation of the panels ensuring that the lead times and delivery schedule were on target to meeting the project deadlines. We are delighted with how well our products are showcased on the project,” commented Aodeli’s General Manager, Wayne Saunders.

Launched by Aodeli in June this year, the APP was introduced to the product range to provide designers with an alternative and creative option to the standard flat panel that is also fully compliant with Australian Standards. The product has the ability to be rolled, curved and fabricated to suit any design requirements. In the case of the Monterey Apartments, the perforated panels have been designed to weave around the building to achieve a specific design intent that screams elegance and sophistication.

Aodeli Australia are also currently working on another iconic construction in Queensland, the HOTA project in Surfers Paradise. This project features 11 custom-matched finishes for use in a distinctive 3D Voronoi design (a cellular-looking web) that is clad in Aodeli cladding panels. Both projects are expected to complete construction late 2020.