Aodeli’s Formal CPD Presentation

[Note: this CPD Presentation is no longer available. We will be announcing a new CPD presentation in the near future. In the meantime, if you have any queries, please contact us.]

There has been a lot of publicity surrounding building fires and exterior cladding and making sure that cladding materials comply with the Building Code of Australia (BCA). Unfortunately, instead of providing clarity, this has led to ongoing confusion within the construction industry with regards to ensuring building compliancy for future designs and removing the risk of adding to the current recladding crisis.  To provide much needed clarity on this issue, Aodeli’s has today launched a new formal CPD presentation, “Aluminium & Compliancy Today”.

Developed by Aodeli’s Queensland BDM and graduate of architecture, Lorraine Jedid, together with guidance from the Architectural Institute of Australia, the new CPD presentation provides assistance to builders, certifiers and architects having to navigate this important issue. The presentation is available throughout Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane and is led by Aodeli’s local BDMs in each region, Lorraine in Brisbane, Paul Cotter in Sydney and Jeff Yeates in Melbourne. Sessions can also be provided online if required.

Attendees of the Aodeli’s latest course will receive a step by step guide to minimise the risk of non-compliance with the BCA and ensure that every building project is “safe to occupy”. On conclusion of the hour-long presentation, attendees will be knowledgeable on the following learning outcomes:

  • select the right panel for your design
  • identify the types of panel and paint/coating
  • explain the Installation system
  • identify the right types of application
  • explain the different types of fire tests applicable to Fire compliancy
  • learn the pathways to compliance

To register your interest in organising an informative CPD presentation for you and your team, please contact or register directly through our website.