High Quality Mirror Aluminium Panel

Aodeli’s MAP is an innovative aluminium mirror panel product that has been specifically developed to meet the design needs of the Australian construction industry. This premium quality product combines Aodeli’s high-quality product panels with the proven performance of its mirror finishes. The superiority of this product means that it is flexible to be used in many interior applications but also for exterior soffits.

Mirror finishes offer an alternative for designers looking to make their building designs truly unique as the finishes reflect their environment and surroundings. This creates an ever-changing backdrop for interior and exterior projects that cannot be replicated. Applications for these panels include restaurants, shops, lobby areas and many more.

Aodeli’s MAP solution has undertaken rigorous research and development to guarantee the stability of the finish and the long-term reflective capabilities that are expected but not always delivered by mirror panels.

MAP is a fully non-combustible cladding solution compliant with Australian Standards AS1530.1 and AS1530.3 and made from the premium grade aluminium favoured by the team at Aodeli for its ease of fabrication and superior performance qualities. Aodeli MAP finishes are a fantastic design alternative that deliver a high end quality appearance.

Key Benefits

  • Non combustible
  • AS1530.1 & AS1530.3
  • Premium Finish

  • High durability
  • 100% recyclable
  • 10 year warranty

Projects Featuring MAP