Aodeli NCP

Non-combustible Panel  – AS1530.1  AS1530.3


NCP is a 4mm Aluminum Core Panel which is fully Non-Combustible and suitable for external panels and internal structures where Non-Combustibility and fire resistance is needed.

NCP is an ideal replacement and alternative to non-compliant composite panels which were responsible for the recent Lacrosse high- rise building fire in Melbourne. NCP has been certified as a non-combustible building material under the AS 1530.1

NCP is manufactured from high grade Aluminium throughout with skin thickness of  0.7mm top skin and 0.5mm rear skin, separated by a ‘egg carton type’ Aluminium core. Unlike other non-combustible and fire proof panels and sheets NCP Aluminium does not use mineral core fillers to achieve fire resistance and is therefore lighter in weight with equal or better structural strength.

NCP is prefinished on the front skin during manufacturing with a 3-coat PVDF coating, available in a wide range of standard colours with customised colour and finish options.

NCP is an outstanding and versatile panel with an unmatched long-term durability supported by a 15 year warranty.

 NCP is available in the same thickness as standard Aluminium Composite Panels offering the same fabrication and install properties. Along with its highly durable PVDF finish and unlimited colour options it provides Architects the ultimate solution for design versatility and high end performance in all aspects of Architectural design elements.

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Key Benefits

  • Non Combustible
  • AS1530.1
  • German Technology
  • 100% Recyclable
  • 30% Lighter than ACP
  • 15 year Warranty

Projects Featuring NCP