HCP – Honeycomb Panel

Superior flatness and unmatched rigidity

AODELI Honeycomb Panels are manufactured using a fully automated process which binds the components under high temperature and pressure in a completely closed and dust-free operation. This means that the inside of the HCP panels is firmly joined to the external aluminium skins. This provides exceptional strength and a consistent flat, straight surfaces required for coating with our quality finishes.

The HCP panels can fabricated into a wide range of shapes, including curved panels, folded panels and trapezoidal panels. These shapes are produced by one-step forming using dies.

The honeycomb panels are manufactured from high grade aluminium and have a surface finish which uses the advanced technique of fluorocarbon lacquer pre-coil coating. This means that buildings using HCP retain their colour quality for at least 15 years.

HCP have a thick 100% Aluminium construction and the honeycomb internal spacing between the 1mm Aluminium skins prevents the transmission of sound, heat and cold between one panel wall and the other.

Key Benefits

  • Unmatched Rigidity
  • Superior Flatness
  • Lightweight
  • 100% Recyclable
  • 15 year Warranty

Projects Featuring HCP

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