Aodeli ACP


  • Fire Retardant Core

  • AS1530.3

  • Superior Flatness

  • Unlimited Colours

  • 15 year Warranty

  • PVDF Coating


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Care and Maintenance Guide

ACP (FR) – AS1530.3 & ISO 9705 Group 2

AODELI Australia supplies a range of 70% mineralised fire retardant core panels (ACP-FR) for external cladding of buildings.

Aodeli ACP panels are light weight offering superior flatness and durability while being easy to maintain and install. For use on Type C construction only.

They can be cut, bent and curved to suit almost any architectural form and provide a cost effective exterior or interior panel to enhance the aesthetics of new projects or the refurbishment of existing structures and signage.

Manufactured from high grade aluminium, with a surface finish which uses the advanced technique of fluorocarbon lacquer pre-coil coating. This means that buildings using Aodeli ACP panels retain their colour quality offering a 15 year warranty.

Our direct relationship with the factory and low administration overheads allows us to offer outstandingly competitive prices on this product, reducing building costs without compromising quality.

Aodeli ACP – (FR) panel consists of a mineralised fire retardant core sandwiched between two 0.5mm aluminium sheets.

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