APP & ADP - Perforated & Decorative Panels

APP & ADP – Perforated & Decorative Panels

Perforated Panel (APP) & Aluminium Decorative Panels (APP) Aodeli APP Aluminium Perforated Panel and ADP Aluminium Decorative Panel are manufactured by Aodeli ...
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NCP - Non-Combustible Panel

NCP – Non-Combustible Panel

Non-combustible Panel - AS1530.1 and AS1530.3 compliant NCP is a 4mm Aluminium Core Panel that is fully non-combustible and suitable ...
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ACP - Aluminium Composite Panel

ACP – Aluminium Composite Panel

ACP (FR) - AS1530.3 & ISO 9705 Group 2 AODELI Australia supplies a range of 70% mineralised fire retardant core panels ...
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HCP - Honeycomb Panel

HCP – Honeycomb Panel

HCP - AS 1530.1  and AS1530.3 AODELI Honeycomb Panels are manufactured using a fully automated process which binds the components ...
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SAP - Solid Aluminium Panel

SAP – Solid Aluminium Panel

SAP Solid Aluminium Panel- AS1530.1 SAP (Solid Aluminium Panel) is a 3mm fully non-combustible solid aluminium panel manufactured by Aodeli ...
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