AODELI Australia is focused on the direct supply of “Fire Safe” Aluminium facade Panels to the construction industry Australia wide.

We offer a range of “Fire Safe” panels, meeting and exceeding building code standards as well as a vast range of colour and finish options guaranteed to retain their colour and impact for decades.

AODELI Australia have the ultimate solution to fire and flammability concerns with Non-Combustible NCP panels which meet the Australian Standards AS1530.1. They can be specified with confidence to meet architect’s and builder’s “Duty of Care” in fire risk avoidance. These panels are ideal for replacing current panels identified as a fire risk on current buildings and used exclusively or in combination with AODELI Australia colour matched ACP panels on new buildings.

AODELI Australia’s colour matching capability allows them to even duplicate the colour of weathered panels on existing buildings, so that only panels identified as fire risks need to be replaced.

AODELI Australia is committed to both a high level of customer service, quality products and competitive prices.

AODELI Australia is a direct supplier of Fire Safe Aluminium Architectural Solutions including Aluminium Composite Panels (ACP-FR), Aluminium Core Panel (NCP) and Aluminium Honeycomb Panels (AHP).


Our engineers are working through our product development program, to provide an non-combustible, fire safe, cladding product      meeting all test requirements including AS5113:2016. Details of this new product will be able soon.

All materials are Certified to Australian Standards AS1530.1, AS1530.3 and ISO 9705-2003 as recognised through the National Construction Code of Australia.

Our designs options are available in the ArchiCad BIM Library offering ease of flexibilty in your creative evolutions.

The YouTube video below demonstrates the design solutions using the Aodeli brand of materials. Giving designers flexibility and never before seen creativity in using ACP materials the Aodeli BIM ArchiCad offers you so much more.