Aodeli provides an exclusive insight into its superior quality control practices

The current issues in the Australian construction industry have resulted from a lowering of standards that have gone unchecked for decades. To ensure that correct standards are followed and adhered to, Australian builders, façade engineers and building owners are requiring stringent checks and guarantees from vendors with regards to their products. These checks are required prior to the products being selected for use on a building project whether that be a new build or for façade reclad / rectification.

From feedback gathered directly from Tier 1 builders, we know that Aodeli offers a superior level of quality control checks within the industry. We can honestly say that we not only preach quality, we practice it in every facet of our business. To show just how our QC process is above and beyond the industry standard, we share below details never before made public:


Coating Quality Checks

At our coating plant a large number of checks are carried out throughout all stages of production. Our sheet panels are required to have a visual inspection against the approved sample signed off by the client. The sheets are checked in accordance with AAMA 2605-17 standard which includes film builds, adhesion, curing, gloss, colour variance and uniformity, as well as the all-important bend test to ensure that there is no paint cracking or breaking away from the edge. Only when the sheets pass these checks with 100% compliance does it move on to the pre-packing checks.


Sheet Quality Check (prior to packing)

Our QC team inspects the sheets prior to packing. This includes confirming that the sheets meet necessary requirements by supplying aluminium mill certificates that comply to aluminium specifications and the Australian standard AS/NZS 1734:1997 REC:2020. This is also the time that we check lengths, widths and thicknesses and the print on the back of the panel to ensure it is compliant with NCC regulations. Finally, we check the protective film and quantities for final approval. The sheet panels must achieve 100% on each of these checks before they are packed for shipping.

It is a rare occurrence for sheets to be rejected at either of these stages, but from Aodeli’s perspective we would rather uncover an issue if it exists at this stage than risk shipping panels and find out about an issue later. The checks are hugely important to ensure that we never run the risk of causing delays to the installation schedule if panels need to be remanufactured or worse be installed and for imperfections to be discovered when the film is peeled.

It is this superior level of quality control that Tier 1 builders know and expect from Aodeli. Some have even had the opportunity to view these processes for themselves during a factory tour of our facility. This policy of proactive checks is another reason that Tier 1 builders and installers choose to work with Aodeli.