AODELI debut’s Stainless Steel mirror product at the National Gallery of Victoria

AODELI Australia, the well-known provider of “Fire Safe” façade cladding panels, is today launching the latest product in their ever-growing range, Stainless Steel Mirror Panel (SSP). The stainless-steel product has been developed to fill a need in the Australian construction market for reliable mirror products. SSP is predominantly an exterior product but is currently making its debut as part of the National Gallery of Victoria’s recently launched Gabrielle Chanel Fashion Manifesto exhibition.


The SSP features a durable 304 Grade Stainless-Steel sheet that is polished and can be used for a variety of applications including wall and column linings for exhibition spaces such as the one in Melbourne and comes in a variety of sizes and thicknesses from 0.5mm up to 6mm.


“We saw a gap in the market for a quality mirror panel that could overcome some of the known temperamental issues that can occur with similar products. Using my background and extensive knowledge of coatings, I have personally overseen the development and testing of this product from start to finish and could not be happier with the result.” explains AODELI Australia’s General Manager, Wayne Saunders.


The popularity of mirror finishes is due to their ability to reflect the surrounding environment and create an ever-changing unique façade. Therefore, the design of the SSP product has centred around guaranteeing the stability of the finish as any imperfections can cause the material to no longer be reflective and thus not a true mirror panel.  


The ability for designers and specifiers to choose between natural stainless steel and polished is another advantage of AODELI’s stainless steel cladding product. The panels are also fully non-combustible and a fantastic design alternative that delivers a high end quality appearance.

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