4 Benefits of NCP Over Other Non-Combustible Cladding Solutions

In the Australian construction market, we have moved on from choosing between fire-rated and non-combustible cladding, to now predominately choosing between different non-combustible cladding solutions. With so many manufacturers and products to choose from it can be a complicated decision. However, when it comes to aluminium cladding, we have this quick guide to help you assess the benefits of one of the longest standing non-combustible cladding products on the market – our NCP (Non-Combustible Panel).

Firstly, if you have not heard of this product before, or similar ones on the market, unfortunately this is due to the fact that they have been maligned for years by competitors that are not able or willing to replicate the safe and innovative design. Our NCP product has been used widely as part of the nationwide façade rectification program as well as on new builds around the country. Here are just some of the benefits that architects, engineers, builders, and installers have found after using the product for their project or rectification works:


  1. Non-combustible – NCP is a 4mm aluminium panel that is certified under AS1530.1 and AS1530.3, and able to be used across all types of construction. Manufactured from high grade aluminium throughout, this product has a skin thickness of 0.7mm (top) and 0.5mm (rear) and is separated by a unique ‘egg carton type’ aluminium core.


  1. Lightweight – NCP weighs almost 60% less than solid aluminium cladding materials (such as our SAP product) that are also a popular choice for projects requiring a non-combustible cladding product or replacement. However, this lightweight product also comes with high rigidity giving this product the highest strength to weight ratio of any other cladding material on the market.


  1. Finishes – NCP has the same appearance as the widely used aluminium composite material used in years gone by (that are no longer compliant) and comes in the same extensive range of colours and finishes. This makes it easy to use as a replacement material but also for new projects where you are looking to make a statement with your exterior façade design. In addition, almost all other panel suppliers use 2-coat paint systems, whereas at Aodeli we use a 3-coat PVDF paint system on all our products including NCP. This means that our finishes can stand up to the harsh weather conditions that can be found in Australia, ensuring that your project looks great year after year.


  1. Installation – thanks to its lighter weight, NCP is easy to handle and install. This can provide both time and cost saving benefits, making project time lines and budgets more achievable.


These are just some of the many benefits that NCP has as a non-combustible cladding solution in comparison to other similar products on the market. We invite you to find out more about how this product could benefit your next project here.